Three New Neuroscience Courses Are Being Developed for the 2021-2022 Academic Year: Neuropharmacology, Neuroanatomy and Neural Systems.

imaging of a brain.

Responding to feedback from Neuroscience students, we will be offering three new upper division Neuroscience electives in the 2021-2022 academic year.  Neuropharmacology (BIOH 491/ NEUR 491), which will be offered for the Autumn semester, will explore the pharmacology of the various neurotransmitters within the brain, examining the endogenous signaling systems, how they change with injury or disease, and how their activities are modified by drugs. This course will be taught by Professors Richard Bridges and Katie Holick.  For Spring semester 2022, Professor Nathan Insel will be teaching Neural  Systems of Behavior and Cognition (BIOH 381 / NEUR 381), which will examine how the signaling between neurons, organized into circuits and large-scale networks, gives rise to animal behavior. Behaviors across a range of complexity will be considered from basic reflexes, to orienting to sensory stimuli, to navigating complex spatial or social environments.  Also for Spring 2022, Neuroanatomy (BIOH 491/ NEUR 491), will be taught by Professor Katie Holick. The Neuroanatomy course will outline the fundamental relationship between the structure and function of the central and peripheral nervous systems using both preserved specimens and advanced technology, such as VR (virtual reality).  Please contact Neuroscience Program Advisor Rebecca Kranitz for additional information on these courses and how you might work them into your study plan.