Outstanding Senior Award 2019


Meet Glen Woodworth, our outstanding senior from 2019 (also Math’s outstanding senior!).

Glen found his interest in philosophy by taking PHL 262 (modern philosophy) with Prof Le Bihan. He had a lot of questions about the whole “philosophy” thing. In her class, he discovered that resolving questions always creates more questions. What drew him to philosophy, then and now, is that this seemingly never ending questioning is exactly what philosophy celebrates. This is also where my interest in math and philosophy overlap: math is about questioning too. They both involve being very careful about the structure and content of the questions you ask.

Glen couldn’t settle for just one or the other (math or philosophy). Some questions are best said in mathematical language, whereas others work out better in a ‘natural’ language like English. Since Glen had (and continues to have) questions in each realm, he decided to pursue degrees in both philosophy and math. He felt in his element when math and philosophy overlap, as with philosophy of science and logic.

Right now Glen is taking some time off before he decides what to do with his life.  He’s planning an extended trip to New Zealand.  Will he pursue a Ph.D. in philosophy?  Math?  Or perhaps something else lies in Glen’s future… We’ll keep you posted.