Certificate in Environmental Ethics

Undergraduate students may attain a twelve credit certificate in environmental ethics to add a valuable credential alongside their major degree. The certificate requires two core ethics courses in the philosophy department and two electives taken from a list of related offerings across campus.

To attain the certificate, a student needs to do the following three things:

  1. Meet with the certificate advisor, Christopher Preston (christopher.preston@umontana.edu) and have him sign an "Add Major/Minor/Option" form for you.
  2. Take the twelve credits alongside your major degree.
  3. The semester before you plan to graduate, schedule another meeting with the certificate advisor. Bring a copy of the "Application for Graduation Form" to the meeting. This copy of the form will be in addition to the one you are filling out for your major degree. The certificate advisor will sign the form once she or he has confirmed the courses you have completed for the certificate.

Requirements Note

Please note these changes that do not yet appear in the UM online catalog.

Additional course options for the Environmental Ethics certificate:

  • ENST 320E: Earth Ethics: Moral Dimensions of Environmental Issues
  • ENST 367: Environmental Politics and Policies
  • ENST 410: TEK of Native Peoples

Courses that are no longer part of the Environmental Ethics certificate:

  • ENST 391
  • PHL 591