Faculty Collaboration

We are excited to partner with faculty across the UM campuses who would like to use the Digistar Planetarium for their own classes, conferences, or outreach.  The Digistar projector provides a powerful, programmable, highly versatile system whose possible applications are limited only by one's imagination!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Star patterns and sky lore of different cultures
  • Observing the sky from historically important locations at different points in time - past, present, or future
  • An ability to fly above and around local terrain at different locations on Earth and (at a lower resolution) on other planets.
  • An immersive experience of visualizing data sets on a sphere. For example- NOAA’s Science on a Sphere offers a database of animated images of atmospheric and geophysical datasets.
If you would like to collaborate with any of our faculty or staff, please contact our outreach coordinator, Mark Reiser at 243-2074, or by email at planetarium@umontana.edu. If you have a specific faculty member in mind, please note this, and he will gladly put you in touch with a possible collaborator within our department.