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Power from Experience: Urban Popular Movements in Late Twentieth-Century Mexico

Author: Paul Haber

When Vicente Fox was elected Mexico’s president in 2000, the world’s most enduring twentieth-century authoritarian regime finally came to an end. In this book Paul Haber explains how urban popular movements contributed to such a historic transition. In the 1960s Mexico’s urban poor, effectively incorporated into institutionalized forms of clientelism and cooptation, were perceived as passive and acquiescent. Their situation changed during the 1970s, Haber shows, as popular movements—led largely by young people inspired by the revolutionary ideals of Mexico’s 1960s student movement—took the first steps toward mobilizing the urban poor in what would develop into the full-scale political protests of the 1980s.

Publisher: University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press

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Paul Haber

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Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Columbia University, Department of Political Science, received February 1992.

Advisors: Dr. Douglas Chalmers and Dr. Alfred Stepan

M.A. The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies,

Latin American Studies and International Economics, received December 1984.

Advisor: Dr. Bruce Bagley

B.A. World College West, International Development, received June 1981.

Advisor: Dr. Elden Jacobson

Selected Publications

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Aaron Augsburger and Paul Haber (2018) Visions in conflict: state hegemony versus plurinationality in the construction of indigenous autonomy in Bolivia, Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies, 13:2, 135-156, DOI: 10.1080/17442222.2018.1440511

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Teaching Experience

(1) International Development (undergraduate/graduate levels)

(2) Contemporary Mexico (undergraduate level)

(3) Latin American Politics (undergraduate level)

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(5) U.S.-Latin American Relations (undergraduate level)

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