Apply to the Master of Arts in Political Science Program

Application Information

The M.A. program uses rolling admissions to begin in the fall or spring semesters.

Instructions for applying to the Graduate School are in the Applying for Admission section on the Graduate School website.

In addition to the application materials required by the Graduate School, the Department of Political Science also requires:

  • A 300 word statement concerning your reasons for seeking the M.A. degree in Political Science at UM.
  • Three letters of recommendation

Program Requirements for Admission

  • Admission is based upon undergraduate GPA, letters of reference and GRE scores.
  • Applicants may substitute the GMAT for the GRE.
  • The Department accepts GRE scores with a test date that is within the past five years OR verifiable GRE scores if the test date is over five years old.
  • Applicants for the M.A. degree must have the equivalent of 30 undergraduate credits in political science; applicants with fewer political science credits may be eligible for provisional admission to the program.

International Students

All international M.A. applicants must take the GRE.

See information in the International Admission section on the Graduate School website.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistants provide instructional support for professors teaching large, introductory political science courses in American Government (PSCI 210SY), International Relations (PSCI 230X), Comparative Government (PSCI 220S), and Political Theory (PSCI 250E). TAs are expected to have some background in one or more of these areas.

M.A. applicants and currently enrolled M.A. students must be fully admitted into the program by the start date of the T.A. appointment to be eligible. To apply for a TA position, complete the online TA Application. The application due date for 2021-22 TA positions is 11:59 pm Monday, March 15th, 2021. Late applications will not be considered.

Online TA Application

New applicants should indicate their interest in an assistantship position on their online application form and in the associated statement requesting admission.

Selection Criteria

  1. Applicants must be fully admitted to the M.A. program by the start date of the T.A. appointment
  2. GPA and GRE scores
  3. Undergraduate coursework in political science
  4. Work and other relevant teaching-related experience

Applicants must also submit a resume of their relevant teaching and other experience as part of the T.A. application. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the graduate co-directors.