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Peter Koehn

Peter Koehn

Chair of Political Science & Director of Migration Studies

Office: LA 348
Email: peter.koehn@umontana.edu
Office Hours:

Fall 2020

remote by email appointment

Personal Website
Curriculum Vitae


Issues in Global Public Health (PSCI 227)
Sustainable Climate Policy: China and the USA (PSCI 324)
Public Administration (PSCI 361)
Politics of Global Migration (PSCI 431)
Development Administration (PSCI 463)
Management Skills (PSCI 524)

For course descriptions, see personal website (link).


Ph.D.: University of Colorado, 1973.
M.P.A.: Public Administration, University of colorado, Boulder, 1968.
B.A.:  Trinity College, Hartford, Conneticut, 1966

Research Interests

My current research is focused on professional education for transnational careers, on the role of subnational actors in mitigating greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions, on transnational higher-education partnerships, and on evaluating academic programs devoted to sustainable development.

Selected Publications

See personal website.


See personal website.


International leadership:
Michael P. Malone International Leadership Award (2011) Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU)

Fulbright New Century Scholar (inaugural class, 2001-2002)
University of Montana’s Distinguished Scholar (2005 campus-wide award)
Fulbright Senior Specialist awards: Finland (“global/public health,” March/April 2006); Hong Kong (March 2003)
Invited scholar, U.S. Department of State’s week-long Scholar-Diplomat Seminar on African Affairs (1977)

George M. Dennison Presidential Faculty Award for Distinguished Accomplishment (2012 campus-wide award)
University of Montana’s Distinguished Service to International Education award (1999 campus-wide award)
Faculty Fellow (inaugural award, 2007). National Association of State Universities & Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC)
Development Specialist in Residence.  Japan International Cooperation Agency, International Training Center (1991)

Paul G. Lauren Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor Award (inaugural recipient, campus-wide award, 2011)
Provost’s Distinguished Faculty lecture (“Symmetry, Synergy, and Serendipity: Reflections on Transnationalism”) 2011
USIA Academic Specialist. Namibia (1991).