Political Science Scholarships

Departmental Scholarships

The Political Science department has over $40,000 in scholarships that generous donors have provided for our students.

Eligibility is based in part on class level, whether you’re a major, minor, or grad student, and additional criteria:

  • PSCI majors are eligible for all PSCI scholarships, depending on your class level.
  • PSCI minors are eligible for the Brennan and Messina scholarships,
  • PSCI MA students are eligible for the Brennan, Payne, Waldron, and Hunt scholarships. MPA students are eligible for the Waldron scholarship.

 New this year is the Courtney Karen Klagues Memorial Scholarship: 

This will provide scholarships to University of Montana undergraduate students in the Department of Political Science and the Pre-Law Program according to the following guidelines: Out of state juniors or seniors, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 majoring in Political Science who are also enrolled in the Pre-Law Program. If there are no eligible applicants who are studying Political Science and enrolled in the Pre-Law Program, preference shall be given to students majoring in Political Science. If there are no eligible recipients from outside Montana, Montana residents who are otherwise eligible may receive the award.


Apply for the following scholarships using the UM Scholarship Portal.

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