Lyndee Nikkila is the 2021 Outstanding Senior in Public Law

Lyndee Nikkila is an outstanding student.  She is graduating with a political science major and a minor in Native American studies.  In political science, Lyndee has concentrated on public law.  She has also taken several courses on public administration and public policy.  Lyndee has studied the Blackfoot language and has taken many courses on environment and sustainability. 

Lyndee has worked for two years as the Indigenous Outreach Ambassador for UM’s Accelerate Montana Rural Innovative Initiative, which encourages and fosters innovative growth in rural and indigenous Montana.  Lyndee also worked as Outreach Coordinator for UM’s chapter of the Montana Wilderness Association, promoting public lands to local and state representatives and raising awareness about the importance of protecting wilderness.

After graduating, Lyndee will attend law school, focusing on American Indian law and environmental law.  Her goal is to work in collaboration with federal organizations such as the Tribal Court, Tribal Law Enforcement, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the EPA.


Lyndee Nikkila's video remarks.


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