Political Science Undergraduate Program

Political Science is the systematic study of how individuals and institutions exercise and resist power, and how nations and communities are governed.

Political Science faculty engage and enlighten undergraduate and graduate students, colleagues, and fellow citizens about the theory and practice of politics.

We embrace the University’s vision of “Creating Change Together.” Our exciting and rigorous courses and programs offer many opportunities for local, national, and international engagement and leadership.

Degree Options

Why Study Political Science

Majoring in Political Science at UM provides students with:

  • A broad education in the social sciences and humanities.
  • The foundations of citizenship and the capacity to participate effectively in local, national, and international politics.
  • Understanding, problem-solving skills, and communication skills for careers in government, politics, law, and teaching.
  • Accreditation to teach government and social studies in middle and secondary schools.
  • Strong preparation for law school and continued study of politics at the graduate level.

Double Majors and Minors

PSCI faculty encourage students to double-major and minor in areas related to their career interests, such as foreign languages and fields such as International Development Studies, Global Public Health, and Climate Change Studies.

In recent years, about 60% of graduating PSCI seniors have double-majored or completed at least one minor. The most popular have been International Development Studies, Arabic, Spanish, Communication Studies, History, Economics, Global Public Health, and Journalism.

High Honors

Students with high GPAs are invited to take the Department’s High Honors exam. The exam is comprehensive, with essay questions from three faculty followed by an hour-long oral exam. Students are evaluated based on knowledge, analysis, and expression.