Soazig Le Bihan Prof. of Philosophy and Director of the Prelaw Program

Office: LA 153
Fax: (406) 243-4076
Office Hours:

Fall 2020:

Extensive and Personal Advising

Your prelaw advisor will help you obtain the skills, knowledge, and experience that are necessary for success in law school. Your prelaw advisor will:

  1. discuss career choices and whether law school is a good fit for you;
  2. discuss curricular choices for a better preparation for law school;
  3. discuss extracurricular choices for a higher interesting person status;
  4. help you through the application process to law school, which includes :
    1. selecting which law schools to apply to,
    2. preparing for the LSAT,
    3. obtaining letters of recommendation,
    4. writing your personal statement and essays.

How Do I Meet With My Advisor?

Schedule with your advisor through email or Starfish:

  • Go to Starfish (use your net ID and password to log-in).
  • On the "Home” page click on your “My Success Network” located on the left hand navigation bar.
  • Find Soazig Le Bihan either as one of your advisor or as part of the College of Humanities and Sciences Advising.
  • Schedule an appointment: Your advisor’s available appointment hours are listed as “Appointment Availability.” Click on “sign up” at desired date and time you want your appointment to occur (You will receive a confirmation email upon successfully scheduling your appointment).

If you encounter any issue while scheduling an appointment, please contact Prof. Le Bihan via email.