Doctoral Students

Emily Brooke


(Entering 2020-2021)

Hi there! My name is Emily Brooke, and I am originally from South Carolina. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree from Clemson University in 2020. As an undergraduate, I spent a lot of time researching stigma associated with autism spectrum disorder and worked as a behavior therapist within a school setting. These experiences led me to want to further explore the ways in which neurotypical and neurodiverse students may positively impact one another despite their differences. My core research interests regard reducing stigma and improving inclusion practices for students with developmental disorders, but I am also excited for opportunities to gain insight on the experiences of students from a variety of backgrounds as part of the School Psychology PhD program. I look forward to diving into the program as well as exploring the beautiful area surrounding the University of Montana. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, spending time with my Great Pyrenees, Bruce, and listening to good music.

Amy Violante


(entered 2019-2020)

Hello! My name is Amy Violante, and I am originally from Pennsylvania. I graduated from Gettysburg College, where I studied psychology, education, and Italian studies and had the opportunity to explore themes of identity and diversity in my courses, volunteer work, and research experiences. My passion for the intersection of education and social justice began during this time and was solidified during the two years that I worked as a college adviser through an AmeriCorps program at a rural high school after my graduation. Currently, my research work is exploring the relationship between spirituality and social-emotional learning in the public school setting. I love reading for fun, enjoying ice cream, and exploring new hiking trails!


  • APA Interdisciplinary Minority Fellowship ($23,000)
  • APF COGDOP Graduate Research Scholarship ($2,000)
  • NASP Graduate Student Research Grant ($1,000



Ashton Smith

Ashton Smith

(Entering 2017-2018)

Okii! My name is Ashton Smith. I am an enrolled member of the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma and a decendent of the Kiowa and Blackfeet tribes. I was born and raised in Browning, MT. I attended my undergraduate at Spokane Community College and University of Great Falls graduating with my B.A. in Psychology while playing collegiate golf. I am currently a third-year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program involved in the Indians Into Psychology and CRESP Labs. My clinical interest is to return home to the Blackfeet reservation and provide mental health advocacy and treatment for the Blackfeet community. My research interests are exploring the relationship between cultural matching/identity safety and well-being in Native American students. I enjoy golfing, hiking, berry picking, being outdoors, and being back home spending time with my family and friends, especially my nieces and nephews.

Diana Diaków, M.A.

Diana Diakow

(Entered 2017-2018)

Cześć! My name is Diana Diaków and I am orginally from Poland. I studied Applied Developmental Psychology and Applied Linguistics with a specialization in English and Arabic at Kazimierz Wielki University, Poland and European University of Cyprus. My research interests include mental health and acculturation of Muslim children and youths, education in emergencies and post-conflict situations, and emotion-cognition interactions in the second language acquisition. For my BA project, I studied the vocabulary learning strategies among Arab learners of English. I also examined the implicit prejudices towards Arabs among Polish society. My MA investigated the effects of positive mood on the English vocabulary memorization. Currently, my research work focuses on exploring humanitarian workers’ perspectives on ways that psychological services could be provided in refugee camps, as well as ways these interventions could serve Muslim children in a culturally appropriate way. I gathered data in a number of NGOs and schools in Poland, Slovakia, Ireland, Croatia, Indonesia, and lately in the Ritsona refugee camp, Greece. I worked with Syrian, Kurdish, Iraqi and Eritrean refugees, children who experienced sexual trauma, foster families, youths at risk of substance use disorder, children with ASD, and ELLs. Since my heart is in the shape of Iceland, I love everything about this piece of land, especially hot springs and elves! I am also a dedicated linguaphile and a world explorer. Apart from being buried in books, I enjoy mountaineering, rock climbing, dancing and yoga. Do zobaczenia!