Diana Diaków, MA - School Psychology Ph.D. student

diana blowing bubbles for a child

Diana Diaków is a second year doctoral student in School Psychology studying under the mentorship of Dr. Anisa Goforth.  Originally from Poland, Diana studied Applied Developmental Psychology and Applied Linguistics with a specialization in English and Arabic at Kazimierz Wielki University. Her MA focused on the effects of positive mood on the English vocabulary memorization, and her BA investigated the vocabulary learning strategies among Arab learners of English.  She also examined the implicit prejudices towards Arabs among Polish society.  Diana’s research interests include the acculturation and psychological adjustment among youth with diverse cultural backgrounds, and emotion-cognition interaction in the second language acquisition.  Diana currently teaches Psyx 362 Multicultural Psychology and is a member of Dr. Goforth’s Culturally Responsive Evidence-based Practices in School Psychology (CRESP) research lab.

Diana has had clinical and educational experiences in numerous NGSs and schools in Poland, Slovakia, Ireland, Croatia, and Indonesia.  She has worked with children with ASD, youths at risk, youths addicted to drugs, children who experienced sexual trauma, foster families, and ELLs.  This past summer Diana conducted research and did clinical work at a refugee camp in Greece.  Her current research project focuses on exploring humanitarian workers’ perspectives on ways that psychological services could be provided in refugee camps, as well as ways these interventions could serve Muslim children in a culturally appropriate way. The study results have been submitted for review to the National Association of School Psychologists convention in Atlanta, and Diakow will use some of these data in preparation for her dissertation.

Excited to “discover the recesses of human diversity” and apart from psychology, Diana also enjoys learning languages (6 and counting), practicing yoga, watching Icelandic movies, knitting, hiking and exploring Montana.

diana and child palying

dian smiling at a child