Undergraduate Program

Psychology is the science of the behavior of humans and other animals. Using scientific methods, psychologists seek to understand the causes and purposes of behavior.  Students at the undergraduate level can choose between a major and a minor in psychology.  Psychology majors initially take foundational courses in research methods and statistics, along with fundamental courses in biological psychology, learning, cognition, child development, personality, and social psychology.  Once students have taken some of these core courses, they may elect from a variety of specialized topics to further their interests in important topics in the field, including abnormal psychology and clinical psychology, neuropsychology, multicultural psychology, health psychology, and child and adolescent psychological disorders.  Students interested in pursuing graduate degrees in psychology are encouraged to participate in a research lab; all of our faculty members have active research labs focusing on their areas of interest, and students can receive course credit for their research experiences.  Upon graduation, our students are uniquely poised to continue their studies in graduate school or embark on careers in Mental Health Services, Social Services, Research, Government, and Business.

Undergraduate Majors

To earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, the student must complete all requirements for the major. 

Undergraduate Minors