PSYX 298/398

Psyx 298/398 is an opportunity for psychology majors to receive course credit for working and gaining experience in the field of psychology.

While volunteer experience is not a requirement for psychology majors, it is recommended that students considering a career in psychology (or other mental health service areas) gain experience in working in the human services area. Besides providing a valuable community service, you will be able to judge whether this is an area that actually interests you, and demonstrate to potential employers or graduate admissions committees that you are committed and competent in the field. Many volunteers also report having had important personal growth experiences.


Get Started

  1. Find a suitable volunteer location. Some ideas in the realm of psychology: Volunteer opportunities
    For additional volunteer opportunities, go to the University of Montana Experiential Learning webpage
  2. Verify the placement's appropriateness with the faculty supervisor, Dr. Allen Szalda-Petree
  3. Fill out a learning agreement form (forms can be found at Internship Services in Lommasson 154 or on the Experiential Learning webpage)
  4. Turn in an override signed by your faculty supervisor

Course Requirements

A bi-weekly journal reflecting on your internship experience -- journal entries to be submitted via Moodle; online discussions with other student interns; and a brief summary/evaluation of your internship experience.

Selecting Course Level

Begin at the 200 level and work up to the 300 level.

300 level credit is possible if you have prior uncredited experience working w/ an approved organization.

Credit Guideline

  • 1 credit = approximately 3 hours of volunteer work per week / 45 hours per semester
  • 2 credits = 6 hours per week / 90 hours per semester
  • 3 credits = 9 hours per week / 135 per semester


Traditional grade or Credit/No Credit

Faculty Supervisor

The Psyx 298/398 faculty supervisor is Dr. Allen Szalda-Petree