Our research combines field instrumentation and quantitative measurement of processes with cutting edge methods for data analysis and visualization and numerical simulation. We build sensors and instrumentation in our electronics shop, we travel to remote places with difficult conditions to make quantitative field measurements, and we bang on computers. Our work is funded by the US National Science Foundation, NASA, and a consortium of nuclear waste management companies.

Field Measurements & Experiments

Check out the slideshow of 17 items below:

  • Slide Title: Drill tower for a hot water drill, Greenland ice sheet.
  • Slide Title: Power plant used to generate high pressure hot water for drilling 800 m boreholes to the bed of Greenland ice sheet.
  • Slide Title: Raising the drill stem into place to begin a new borehole. Greenland ice sheet.
  • Slide Title: Field crew traveling with equipment between study sites, Greenland ice sheet.
  • Slide Title: Drilling to the bed of Greenland ice sheet.
  • Slide Title: Ice penetrating radar measurements in Montana.
  • Slide Title: Drilling shallow ice cores in Western Greenland.
  • Slide Title: Horse packing science equipment, Montana.
  • Slide Title: With earbuds and podcasts running, a long commute to work in Greenland.
  • Slide Title: Packing up for a long trip away from home.
  • Slide Title: Measuring liquid water content in Montana snowpack.
  • Slide Title: Preparing to load equipment into Twin Otter aircraft.
  • Slide Title: Drilling camp.
  • Slide Title: Collecting data on snowpack physical properties.
  • Slide Title: Imaging the subsurface with georadar.
  • Slide Title: Fighting back against the drifting snow.
  • Slide Title: Resupply.

Numerical Analysis and Simulations