Faculty and Researchers

Professor, Geosciences
joel harper
Professor, Computer Science
jesse johnson

Emeritus Professor, Geosciences
johnnie moore

Assistant Research Professor, Geosciences
Toby Meierbachtol


Ph.D. Candidate, Geosciences
(B.S., M.S., Earth Sciences)
Caitlyn Florentine
Jacob Downs
Ph.D. Candidate, Applied Mathematics
(B.S., M.S., Computer Sciences)

M.S. Candidate, Geosciences
(B.S., Snow Mechanics)
Benjamin Hills

Raphael Hagen
B.S. Candidate, Geosciences

Prospective Students

Each year we accept as small number of new M.S. and Ph.D. level graduate students, as well as several undergraduate students, to work with us on field, lab, and computational projects. All of our students are funded by research or teaching assistantships. We welcome inquires from qualified candidates regarding opportunities. Since our work is quantitative, we select students with solid training and interests in math, physics, and/or programming. Our students generally have undergraduate majors in earth science, computer science, math, physics, or engineering. We typically accept students at the Ph.D. level who already have a M.S. degree. We encourage getting in touch with Joel or Jesse before applying to discuss qualifications and interests as well as current needs in our research group.

Graduated Students

Jessica Bleha

A Satellite Updated Snowmelt Model

Timothy Bocek

Integrating Higher Order Physics in the Community Ice Sheet Model: Scientic and Software Concerns

Joel Brown

Radar Scattering and Transparent Layers in a Temperate Valley Glacier
Adam Clark Late Summer Water Production from ice in Glacier National Park

Ted Cosart

Optimal Channel Networks measured with Allometry and Optimized with Simulated Annealing

Arlan Dirkson

A Stochastic Model for Firn Densification by Water Refreezing

James Fishbaugh

Development of a Higher-Order Ice Sheet Model with a Rescaled Coordinate System
Bonnie Gillan

Large Scale Snow Distribution Across NW Montana

Glen Grenzow

An Investigation of Viscosity Using Measured Velocities on Helheim Glacier

Brian Hand

Model Initialization Process for Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets with Extensions to 100 Year Predictions

Erin Johnson

Satellite Tracking of Snowline Retreat, Western Greenland
Fred Kellner 

Ensemble Modeling of Snow Water Equivalent, Bitterroot Mountains Montana

Jeremy Mason

Channel Networks in Ice

Toby Meierbachtol

Impulse Pressure Testing of an Alaskan Glacier’s Hydraulic System

Meghan Oswalt

Greenland subglacial hydrology model

Jared Rapp

A Discrete Element Model for Ice Flow in Jakobshavns Isbræ

Jonathan Reeve

Moulin Water Routing To the Bed of Bench Glacier, Alaska
Zach Seligman Seasonal and Daily Evolution of Snowpack Liquid Water Content 
Patrick Wright Water Pressure and Hydraulic Potential Gradients, Greenland Ice Sheet

Timothy Wylie

Integration of an HP-adaptive finite element analysis library into the community ice sheet model