2020 Winners of the Dusten Hollist Scholarship

The Department of Sociology awarded the inaugural Dusten Hollist Memorial Scholarship to seniors Meghan St. Germain and Nash O’Hara.

Dusten Hollist, who died in 2019, was a longtime Professor of Sociology at UM and a beloved member of the campus community. Shortly after his death donors established a scholarship in his name for Sociology majors conducting research or participating in internships related to criminology.

Both St. Germain and O’Hara interned with the Missoula Police Department during the fall of 2020. Megan, who grew up in Florence MT, has always been interested in culture and human behavior, so when she discovered Sociology she was immediately “hooked.” One of her favorite aspects of her Sociology education at UM is how it helps her process current events. “My time in the sociology department has been really valuable in general,” she explained, “but I really appreciate when we have discussions about things that are happening outside of our classrooms right now…I think that it is important that we are able to slow down and really dissect what is going on and how we can see sociological principles unfolding in front of us.” When asked about the highlights of her internship, St. Germain said that she “loved working with the detectives on cases and seeing all of the work that goes into getting a case to go to trial.”

O’Hara grew up in Medford, Oregon and plans to pursue a career in law enforcement after graduation. Reflecting on his internship, O’Hara said that he appreciated learning what law enforcement officers do on a day-to-day basis. He “found being involved with active cases the most educational” as well as “the most exciting” part of his internship. The Department of Sociology congratulates Meghan and Nash on this well-deserved accomplishment and is grateful to donors for establishing the scholarship.