Grad Student Profile: Zach Rehm Brings Personal Experience to Study of Veteran Reintegration

University of Montana sociology grad student Zach Rehm in front of a body of water.

Zach Rehm is a second-year sociology master’s student. Despite having traveled across the globe, he has’t found any place quite like Montana. He grew up here, even practicing with his high school football team on the Griz football field. Experiences like these showed Zach the community that the University of Montana had to offer.

After high school Zach joined the Army, where he served for four years before being injured. Then he returned to his home state for a bachelor’s degree at UM. During the 2014-2016 Ferguson protests, he became interested in the problems in the criminal justice system and wanted to learn about potential solutions. Zach decided to study psychology and sociology, focusing on criminology.

Zach was impressed by how dedicated UM instructors were to their students. The professors in the sociology department, especially, convinced Zach to continue on to a master’s degree at UM.

For his thesis, he plans to study veteran suicide and how it relates to veterans leaving the total institution of the military. Zach struggled to reestablish himself in society after leaving the military. He wants to use his experiences in both the military and the UM sociology department to change the way society understands veteran suicide. After graduating, Zach hopes to work in federal law enforcement.