About the UMZM


The University of Montana Zoological Museum (UMZM), a unit of the Division of Biological Sciences of the University of Montana, is committed to the collection and preservation of zoological specimens for the purposes of research, education, and community outreach.


The UMZM maintains permanent research collections for use by researchers within the University and worldwide through our online database and loan program.  Teaching collections are also maintained for use in courses at the University and outreach purposes.

As the largest zoological museum in Montana and one of the major zoological collections representing the Northern Rocky Mountains, the UMZM an important source for regional information on vertebrate distributions and variation through time and across ecosystems.  Other areas of interest are the states and provinces adjacent to Montana, the Pacific Northwest, and other areas of the world including as opportunity has allowed.

UMZM is the repository for vertebrate specimens collected by University of Montana researchers, as well as specimens from donation of salvaged specimens from the general public, researchers at University of Montana, the Montana Natural Heritage Program, and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

The UMZM extends its outreach efforts by pairing with the Montana Natural History Center (MNHC) to provide environmental education programming and events.

Dave in the collection from Montanan article