Study Abroad

The French section offers three options for study abroad open to majors and non-majors.

First Option

The French section works with the Office of International Programs to provide a semester or a full year of study in France in one of 22 French universities though the ISEP program. This option provides linguistic and cultural study in courses designed for foreign students and allows students whose linguistic skills are adequate to enroll in regular university courses. Home stays with French families at an additional cost are available for foreign students at most universities. ISEP is open to students of all majors, but students planning to study abroad in France should have a minimum of two years of university study in French. Many of the courses taken at a French university can apply to the French major and minor. Students must develop a study plan with one of the French faculty and with their major advisor in order to insure efficient transfer of credits.

Second Option

A second option, again in conjunction with the Office of International Programs, is a direct exchange with three universities in France: L'Université Catholique de l'Ouest (UCO in Angers, L'Université de Toulouse-le Mirail in Toulouse, L'Université Jean Moulins-Lyon III in Lyons. Home stays are available at UCO, Toulouse and Lyon. This option is open to students of all majors, but students should have adequate linguistic preparation in French to take regular courses.

Third Option

A third option is the Study Abroad Program in Paris organized by the French section spring semesters. The program is not limited to French majors and minors, but ability to take 300 level courses in French is required. Students are accompanied by a faculty member in the French section. For more information on costs, courses, credits and a schedule for the 2015 Paris program, students should contact Dr. Crummy, (406) 243-4321,, LA 317. 

Study Abroad Transfer of Credits toward a major or minor in French.

Fulfillment of Requirements

The following required courses for the major in French may be replaced by equivalent courses taken at French universities while on study abroad through ISEP or direct exchange:  FRCH 301, 350, 311, 312, 313, 421.  In exceptional cases, 400 level literature and culture courses may be fulfilled by equivalent seminar courses at a French university.  A minimum of six upper-division credits for the major and three upper-division credits for the minor must be taken from UM faculty on the UM campus.

The French section of MCLL will try to maximize the number of required courses fulfilled by transfer from French universities whenever possible, especially for students studying abroad for a full year.  However, there can be no guarantee that any course taken at a French university will fulfill requirements for the major and minor.  Given unequal credit transfer, emphasis, and level, it will most likely be necessary to combine several courses to fulfill a single required course at UM.  Hypothetical examples:  a survey of 16th Century literature transferring at 1.7 credits can be combined with a survey of 17th Century literature transferring at 1.7 credits can be combined to fulfill FRCH 311, but a survey of 19th and 20th Century literature would not fulfill any requirement unless combined with a survey of 18th century literature (to replace FRCH 312) or a survey of francophone literature (to replace FRCH 313).  Courses in French history, political science and art history can be combined to fulfill FRCH 350.   All courses in French language, literature and culture that do no fulfill requirements will transfer as electives.

Once you have been selected for a specific French university, you must work out a study plan with your UM French advisor in order to find the courses will enhance timely progress toward your degree in French.