Undergraduate Program

The French Undergraduate Program offers courses at the beginning levels through upper division language, literature, and culture courses leading to a Major in French. A Minor in French is also available. The B.A. in French can be an academic or a teaching degree.


First and second year French courses fulfill the General Education requirements for Foreign Language/Symbolic Systems and language requirements beyond the first year for particular programs within CHS. These courses provide basic levels of linguistic skills and prepare the student for full participation in upper division French courses. Anyone with prior training or experience should take the Placement Exam and enter the program at the most appropriate advanced level in order to allow more productive use of their resources. The procedure for receiving bypass credit for 201 or 202 by taking the next more advanced level course is outlined the MCLL's introductory paragraphs in the UM catalog.

It is important to adhere to the following sequence in the upper division courses: 301 before 421, 350 before any 400 level culture courses, and one of the following courses: 310, 311, 312, and 313 before any 400 level literature course. Consultation with an advisor in the French section will help keep you on track.

Teacher Certification: An Option

In collaboration with the Teacher Education program of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the French section dedicates part of its program to teacher training to meet Montana certification requirements for grades K-12. There are Education courses as well as French courses to fulfill. The candidate in French may elect either a teaching major or minor, both of which require student teaching and a term of study in a French-language country. The latter requirement may be met either through study abroad or an experience considered to be equivalent. Advising is done through the French program and the Teacher Education program.


The beginning courses can be substituted by previous experience, course work at other institutions including High School, and can be verified by taking the WebCAPE or by consulting with a French advisor. The placement exam is offered at the three summer orientation sessions and the fall and spring orientation sessions in August and January respectively.

Declared French majors are assigned an advisor from the French faculty. Anyone interested in pursuing a French major or minor is encouraged to contact Professor Benedicte Boisseron , Contact : ione.crummy@mso.umt.edu, LA 317 or any other faculty member in French to discuss the details of the program.