Placement Examinations

About Placement Exam

The WebCAPE assessment tests reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary in French, German, and Spanish. A link will be provided via email. The exam is timed and usually takes about 30 minutes to complete. The total time from start to finish is taken into consideration; students must inform the WLC department exam administrator prior to receiving the link if special accommodation is required.

Scores and Results

The results for the assessment are immediate; the score is calibrated on a scale of 0-1000 points:

French Placement

Score Course
Below 260 101
260-333 102
334-403 201
Above 403 Into 202 [0403-0500] or into 301 [0500-1000 (four semesters achieved)]

German Placement

Score Course
Below 281 101
281-383 102
384-492 201
Above 492 Into 202 [0492-0500] or into 301 [0500-1000 (four semesters achieved)]

Spanish Placement

Score Course
Below 270 101
270-345 102
346-427 201
Above 427 Into 202 [427-500] or into 301 [500-1000 (four semesters achieved)]

Credit Information

If a student tests out of the exam the results will be entered into their records. Students do not receive credit for these exams; if a student successfully places into the Intermediate level [201 or higher] the WLC general credit requirement will be waived by the student’s major advisor /chair upon successful completion of the student’s major. The credits not used towards the WLC language requirement [8-10 credits for first year and additional 8 if testing out of the second year language course] can be used towards the students major or a complimentary minor.

Please note: Students need to give a hard copy of the exam results to their major advisor. Students must adhere to their department policy in regarding additional language proficiency requirements.

Scheduling an Exam

Placement Exams

To schedule an exam or to inquire about placement into majors other than French, German, and Spanish, please contact Sam Alvey (

WebCAPE Exam

For those taking a standardized WebCAPE exam, a link will be sent to you via email, you must register in order to access the exam. The link is good for one exam, if you wish to re take the exam please contact Sam Alvey (