Wang Research Group

Welcome to the Wang research group. We are a group actively working at the interface of Bioinorganic Chemistry, Bio-inspired Catalysis and Renewable Energy and Sustainability. We apply strategies learned from natural metalloenzymes to develop the next generation of biomimetic and bio-inspired catalytic systems to carry out reactions of significant importance in metabolic transformation, synthesis, and energy industry. We employ combined methods, including organic and inorganic synthesis, spectroscopy, surface analysis, kinetics, electrochemistry, and computational calculation, to investigate our catalytic reactions. This interdisciplinary research theme provides comprehensive trainings for our graduate and undergraduate students, and excellent opportunities of establishing vigorous collaborations with research groups within and outside of the University of Montana.

Wang group 2020

From left: Yan, Li, Yubin Kwon, Annie Schmautz, Michael Kayne and Dr. Dong Wang

Position Open

We welcome talented and passionate graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in our research theme to join our group. Please contact Dr. Wang for details.