Environmental Studies Certificates

Environmental Studies offers three certificates.

Indigenous Knowledge and Environmental Sustainability

12 credits

Indigenous Knowledge & Environmental Sustainability certificate is a STEM focused area that concentrates on environmental science, restoration ecology, environmental sustainability, ethnobotany and botany, and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK).

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

12 credits

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems  students will discover our food system's complexity and vulnerability, and they will be able to ask informed questions. Students often learn a lot about the serious environmental problems confronting society, but they hunger for the opportunity to do something about it, something tangible and real. Accordingly, the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Certificate will give them the tools to do so.

Community Agriculture

21 credits

The Certificate in Community Agriculture develops participants' knowledge and skills to effectively participate in or manage urban/community farms that combine food production with a focus on addressing economic, health, and/or social justice concerns.