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We took 7 students from CHMY595 Atmospheric Chemistry class on a field trip to fly in the C-130 research aircraft and visit National Center for Atmospheric Research laboratories in Colorado. This educational flight and our research efforts on western wildfire smoke are reported by UM News. Other reports include the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, and NBC Montana. More photos of the educational flight are posted here.

UM and Colorado State University students in the Aircraft Observations and Atmospheric Chemistry course pose in front of their flying laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art instruments to map the smoke over the western U.S. this past summer. (Photo courtesy of Ali Akherati)


Hu group is in Boise, ID this month, participating in the WE-CAN field campaign and chasing wildfire smoke in the whole western U.S. Looking forward to great science coming out of this awesome dataset!

Hu group members at WE-CAN 2018


Wade and Lu are back to the NCAR Research Aviation Facility in Broomfield, CO for PTR-TOF-MS installation to the NSF/NCAR C-130 research aircraft, in preparation for the WE-CAN field project. Four group members (Wade, Catie, Qian, and Lu) will be joining a large science team chasing wildfire plumes this summer in Boise, ID.

Instrument uploading 1    Instrument uploading 2


Wade receives the departmental Fred Shafizadeh Memorial Scholarship for excellence in wood (or smoke) chemistry. Congrats, Wade!

We receive UM UGP Seed Grant to bring our PTR-TOF-MS to Alaska to study biogenic VOCs in the Arctic.

Lu attends two workshops this month: NSF-ATC and NCAR Atmospheric Chemistry Workshop 2018 in Boulder, CO, and ALaskan Pollution and Chemical Analysis (ALPACA) in Fairbanks, AK.


We receive UM's 2018-2019 The Toelle-Bekken Family Memorial Fund for 'Bringing a flying laboratory into a classroom at UM: a creative curriculum for analytical/environmental chemistry'. This grant will partially support a field trip for students in CHMY 595 Atmospheric Chemistry to NCAR in Boulder, Colorado. CHMY 595 will be offered in this fall.

A joint postdoctoral position to investigate smoke plume chemistry is available immediately.


We are hosting several atmospheric chemistry and air quality seminars in the spring semester.



Wade and Lu present at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in New Orleans, LA. The photo below: Wade explains how atmospheric mixing height evolution affects wildfire smoke pollution in a city.

Wade presents at the AGU Fall Meeting 2017


Lu's paper on global tropospheric ozone is featured at the NASA Aura Science.

Observed and simulated tropospheric ozone for summer 2013


Wade and Lu complete a successful test flight. Our PTR-TOF-MS is getting ready for airborne VOC measurements next summer! Photos below: C130 aircraft about to take off, and instruments installed in C130 for the test flights.

NCAR C130 ready to take off    C130 inside during WE-CAN test flights


WE-CAN Test Flights: Where Discoveries Begin. Wade and Lu go to Broomfield CO for instrument installment and testing in the NCAR C130 aircraft. The photo below: Qian and Wade are loading the instrument into a U-Haul truck.

PTR-TOF-MS transporting with a truck with Qian and Wade packing


BVOC in Arctic project gets funded. We are going to Alaska in 2019!

Lu attends the Interdisciplinary Biomass Burning Initiative (IBBI) workshop, and Wade attends the NCAR ACCORD Fire Data Analysis workshop, both in Boulder, CO.


Our wildfire field campaign is in the UM news and reported by the ABC Fox Montana. Other related reports include CSU news, UWyo news, Wired magazine.


Wade receives the travel grant to attend the NCAR ACCORD fire workshop.

Lu presents at 8th International GEOS-Chem Meeting in Cambridge MA.


Lu gives an invited talk at the UMT Geosciences department.

WE-CAN field campaign gets funded. We are going to be in the airborne phase! 


Lu presents at the American Meteorological Society (AMS) meeting in Seattle, WA.

Shop officially opens!