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Montana Model UN Delegate Survey

The 2018 MMUN Delegate Survey will appear here on the second day of the  conference.

Preparing to Represent Your Country 

To prepare for the conference, delegates must read and follow the instructions in the following documents.  In addition, we recommend printing the starred (*) items and bringing them to the conference in a notebook along with your position paper and the background guides for your committee.  Be sure to bring your country placard, too!

Writing and Submitting Your Position Paper

Position papers are due on 5 November 2018! 

Position Paper Submission Instructions:

  1. Each student must submit his/her position paper to his/her assigned committee. Each committee has its own online submission dropbox page (see below).
  2. The title of your file must include the delegate's country, committee, and high school in the following format: Country_Committee_School. (Example: Iran_GA-1_Bozeman).
  3. The position paper should be submitted as a Word document (please do not submit documents in Pages, as our staff may be unable to view it). The text should only contain the position paper.  Do not include a cover letter or other information.
  4. Use the links below to access the dropbox submission page for your committee.
  5. Once you submit your position paper to the appropriate dropbox, please visit the link in the Position Paper Confirmation section below to confirm that we received your submission. You should also receive a confirmation email from Dropbox. 
  6. Position papers are now due by 11:59 pm MST on November 5, 2018.
  7. Only delegates who submit position papers are eligible for awards. This includes team awards.
  8. If you have questions, problems, or if your document does not appear at the link below, email

Position Paper Submission

Please review the above instructions before submitting position papers. Submit your position papers at:

Position Paper Confirmation

 Due to problems with the Box display system, please view the MMUN Position Papers Files directly through the MMUN Dropbox account (

Writing Resolutions

Rules of Procedure

  • Rules of Procedure* - Long form (full description)
  • Rules Chart* - Short form (table for quick reference)
  • To understand what will happen in each committee session, consult the Conference Schedule (posted on the Conference Information page).  It may also be helpful for you to read the Chair Script (posted on the Advisor page).

Watch video from the 2009 Missoula pre-conference workshop. There are short clips on UN history, parliamentary procedure, Q&A, and a fun simulation using the rules. Before watching, print the long and short form versions of the rules so you can follow along. You may also want to look at the Chair Script posted on the Advisor page.