Employment Opportunities


As you prepare to graduate, you will begin focusing on specific targets for careers and employment.  A number of resources are available:


Again, an exceptional resource for not only internships, but careers and full-time exmployment as well.  Log-in using your NetID and password, and create your Handshake account and profile.  Take time to create your full profile.  You can upload many copies of your resume, and choose one to be your default, if appropriate.  Again, all postings are directly from companies seeking UM students.  Contact Andrea Rhoades with questions, andrea.rhoades@mso.umt.edu, or visit her in the basement of the Davidson Honors College.

Montana High Tech Jobs

A Montana specific database that posts not only internship opportunities, but full-time positions.  This search portal was created by a new Montana initiative that began in 2014, the Montana High Tech Business Alliance.

The Missoula Economic Partnership

Funded in part by UM, they work with local companies to help them thrive and expand.  They are extremely connected and in-tune with the economic climate of Missoula.  A component of their mission is to help connect local industries and companies with potential employees, a great fraction of whom are UM graduates.  If you know the specific career type you are looking for, contact MEP and they will provide you with a list of Missoula companies that match your goals.  James Grunke and Brigitta Miranda-Freer visited our department in the spring of 2014, and welcomed our students to contact them with questions.

Blackstone Launchpad

Another UM-student specific resource.  Combine your abilities in science and technology with your creativity and ambition, and consider taking an entrepreneurial track with your career.  Paul Gladen, head of UM’s Blackstone Launchpad, visited our majors recently, and encourages our students to stop by their office in the UC.  They have grants available to students with ideas for start-ups and small businesses.  Further, they are continually looking to connect students with parallel ideas and passions, and especially students with complementary skill sets.  Maybe you are the science expert that a team of business-savvy students are seeking.

American Institute of Physics

The AIP maintains a significant database, sorted by state, of dozens of companies that have recently been hiring graduates with a bachelor's degree in physics.  While there are dozens of companies listed, keep in mind that not all states have submitted data, and keep in mind that this is only a small sampling of possibilities.  But it's a tremendous place to start looking for options across the country, with some specific companies to really keep an eye on here.

Society of Physics Students

SPS also maintains a database of job postings across the country, which is very worth looking into for possibilities outside of Montana.

Emails from your academic advisor:

Make sure you are on the email list for all physics & astronomy majors.  Contact me at mark.reiser@umontana.edu to make sure, but you should already be receiving regular emails with updates about the department, upcoming events, and even job postings.  Any time a job posting targeting our majors is specifically passed along to me, I will be sure to forward this along to all our students.

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