Undergraduate Program

For political science options, please refer to the Course Catalog.

B.A. in Political Science

PSCI Major Flyer

This flyer describes the objectives and requirements of the PSCI major and summarizes “What Recent Graduates Say about UM Political Science.”

PSCI majors choose from the following options (concentrations): 

  • General Political Science
  • American Politics
  • International Relations and Comparative Politics
  • Public Administration
  • Public Law

In Fall 2016, 55% of PSCI freshmen majors declared an option.  In Spring 2016, 67% of graduating PSCI seniors completed an option. 

For a list of this year’s upper-division courses, see the course flyers posted here.

PSCI Major Advising Form

You and your faculty advisor will use this form to keep track of your progress toward graduation.

All majors must meet the Upper-division Writing Expectation by successfully completing PSCI 400.

Double Majors and Minors

PSCI faculty encourage students to double-major and minor in areas related to their career interests, such as foreign languages and fields such as International Development Studies, Global Public Health, and Climate Change Studies. 

In Spring 2016, 61% of PSCI’s 36 graduating seniors double-majored or completed at least one minor.  The most popular were International Development Studies, Arabic, Spanish, Communication Studies, History, Economics, and Journalism. 

High Honors

Students with high GPAs are invited to take the Department’s High Honors exam.  The exam is comprehensive, with essay questions from three faculty followed by an hour-long oral exam.  Students are evaluated based on knowledge, analysis, and expression.