Featured Courses

Need a Gen Ed Course?

  • Intro to Latin American Studies (MCLG 100H)
  • Intro to Russian Culture (MCLG 105HY)
  • Japanese Culture and Civilization (JPNS 150HX)
  • Intro to Russian Literature I (MCLG 306L)
  • Survey of German Cinema (GRMN 322L)
  • Roots of Western Ethics (CLAS 365E)
  • Ancient Rome (HIST 304H)
  • Chinese Poetry (CHIN 313L)

Looking for Upper-Division Credits?

  • Major Hispanic Authors and their Times (MCLG 315)
  • Survey of African Cinema (MCLG/FRCH 339)
  • The Arab World (ARAB 305)

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19th-c. Paris: Revolution, Evolution (MCLG 113)