Returning and Community Scholars Program

The Returning and Community Scholars Program is designed to enhance the learning experiences of our students by bringing to campus scholars with expertise that complement the curriculum. The program is also intended to take advantage of pedagogical opportunities presented by non-traditional sources of teaching and mentoring.

The College of Humanities and Sciences is fortunate to have many highly accomplished alumni and friends who are knowledgeable community members, successful businesspeople, political leaders and major figures in the academic world. The College invites our friends and alumni to participate in this program. If you would like the opportunity to share your knowledge, to discuss your career, to give advice to University students or to give back to your alma mater, please consider becoming a Returning and Community Scholar.

Typically the scholar will give a guest lecture in a course, but other opportunities are welcomed. All scholars will have a degree beyond a bachelor’s or unique and valuable experiences that should be shared with students.

If you are interested in the Returning and Community Scholar program, please discuss possible opportunities with the appropriate department and complete the on-line questionnaire.