Neuroscience Degree Options


Ph.D. degree training is generally completed within five years. The first year consists of general course work, research rotations, and a dissertation laboratory is selected. In the second year, course work is typically completed, and the doctoral qualifying exam is taken. Thereafter, research is the main focus, culminating in a dissertation and defense that completes the Ph.D.


The M.S. degree requires two years of course work and the completion of a research thesis. Graduates are well prepared for research careers in academics, government and industry.

Dual B.S./M.S

The UM Neuroscience Program now offers a combined B.S and M.S. degree in Neuroscience with an emphasis on Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience. This five-year (“4 + 1”) accelerated program is specifically designed for students who have demonstrated academic excellence and are deeply interested in pursuing intensive research training in preparation for graduate/professional schools, or who wish to enter the biomedical/biotech sector with advanced standing.

Dual B.S./M.S Program Overview