SFD Team

Meet the Team

Amy Stout

Amy Stout Manager, SFD

amy.stout@umontana.edu // Personal Website


I have been at SFD since the fall of 2012. As an alumna of UM who left Montana to pursue various academic goals, I am happy to be back at UM working in an office filled with creative and talented students.   

Robert Gee

Robert Gee Lead Programmer



I am currently studying Computer Science at the University of Montana. I joined Spectral Fusion Designs in February 2018 with the hopes of working with and learning from the creative team that already exists at SFD. Any skills learned here will surely be lifelong skills that will be applied to any future employment. 

Ally Czeck

Ally Czeck Web Content Assistant



I came to The University of Montana in hopes of pursuing a degree in Accounting. I am originally from Minnesota and was looking for an adventure, but also a place to build my career. I love what Missoula and the University has to offer and can't wait to learn more about it. I joined the SFD team in January, 2018 and look forward to gaining new skills and working with other students.

Ariyana Pilskalns

Ariyana Pilskalns Web Content/Design Assistant



I am a Missoula, MT native, but had the privilege of experiencing living in several other states until 2008 when my family moved back to Missoula permanently. I always enjoyed all the creative activities Missoula had to offer when spending my vacations and summers here. I am currently studying Digital Media Arts and Voice Performance here at the University of Montana. I am looking forward to applying my skills and learning new ones from such an amazing team.

Seth Robison

Seth Robison Lead Designer



A lifelong artist and technology enthusiast, I came to the University of Montana to achieve my BA in Media Arts. After completing an AAS in Graphics and Communication in Washington, I was hired by Spectral Fusion in early 2014 to work as a creative designer for the web. I live for art & tech and plan to have a lasting, successful career involving both.

Kenndle Sierer

Kenndle Sierer Programmer



I am an undergraduate at the University of Montana. I am hoping to pursue a major in Computer Science and a minor in English. There's no better way to gain some real world expierence then joing the SFD team!  With hands on expierence and training by coworkers that already have knowledge on the topic, I hope to be a valued asset to any employer.

Past SFD Employees

Emily Cheroske

Keely Coffin
Web Content/Design Assistant

Geoff Cole
Content Manager/UI Designer

 // Personal Website

Lee Curran
Web Developer

Matthew Dustin

Eleni Fragkouli
Web Developer

Paulo Giacomelli

Michael Kinsey
Web Developer