Payne Family Native American Center Building

Use Policy

The PFNAC is a building located within the College of Humanities and Sciences.

Building use is governed by university rules.

Classroom use on floors 1 and 2 are assigned by the Registrar’s office, with first priority of classroom usage devolving to Native American Studies courses, as assigned by the NAS department.

Classroom and lab use in the Cobell Center (all classrooms and labs in garden level) are assigned by the Registrar’s office with first priority usage to Native American Studies courses needing the spaces and equipment as assigned by the NAS department, second priority use to courses with significant Native American content needing the equipment, and third priority to other courses needing the equipment. Use of the equipment by tribal communities is also an important function of the space. However, courses scheduled for the semester will not be displaced unless alternative arrangements can be made. The NAS administrative assistant will work with the CHS dean’s office to schedule these various uses.

The use of the first floor conference room (109) is governed by a calendar on the wall in the room.

AISS and NAS office space use is governed by AISS and NAS respectively.

The kitchen is common space for NAS and AISS with mail in/out boxes. Cleaning and storage of materials and appliances beyond that done by maintenance services is a common responsibility for AISS and NAS.

The student lounge is for student use.

Common areas are available for quiet use by students, faculty, staff and the public.

The priority for the Student Club room is for student club use. Student clubs should arrange with the NAS administrative assistant to schedule use.

Room 102, Seminar and Resource room, has priority use as a classroom.

The 2nd floor computer lab is managed and overseen by Griztech in accordance with departmental guidelines. Printer use is restricted to Native American Studies majors and minors, students in NAS courses at the time of printing, and Native American students.

Basement storage: both NAS and AISS have separate storage areas.

Use of classrooms and labs during non-class times, the student club room, and the Bonnie Heavy Runner Gathering Place, are scheduled by the NAS administrative assistant. Anyone using these areas is responsible for any costs associated with usage and for observing any restrictions. NAS will determine room rental fees.

Classrooms are locked when the day’s use for them is finished.

Rev. 5/1/14  (orig. 3/24/11, rev. 2/27/12)