Wild Mercy Reading Series

Wild Mercy is the annual reading series of the University of Montana's Environmental Studies program, featuring current students, program alumni, and visiting writers. 

Wild Mercy Reading Series 2020

Thursdays 6:30 PM
The UM FLAT Studio
633 South 5th Street East

February 6

  • Sydney Bollinger
  • Blair Libby

February 13

  • Stephanie Maltarich
  • Winona Rachel

February 20

  • Chris La Tray
  • Claire Thompson

February 27

  • Siobhan Harrity
  • Emily Withnall

March 5

  • Lizzie Pellegrino
  • Ana Maria Spagna

March 12

  • Jackie Bussjaeger
  • Claire Carlson

Previous Readings

The readings available below are hosted outside of the University of Montana.

Wild Mercy Reading Series 2017

  • Tom Sentner & Claire Voris
  • Aspen Anderson & Jackson Holte
  • Harley Fredriksen
  • Chris Dombrowski
  • Matt Hart & Peter Gurche

Wild Mercy Reading Series 2016

  • Visiting Writer Sharman Apt Russell
  • NatureWorks Writers
  • Lauren Smith & Chandra Brown

Wild Mercy Reading Series 2015

Nick Triolo and Emily Withnall

Wild Mercy Reading Series 2014

  • Mel Wardlow and Caroline Stephens
  • Janisse Ray
  • Erica Langston and Trevien Stanger (ft. Skander Spies on cello)
  • Nick Triolo and Lily Vonderheide
  • Jim Giese and Sarah Moody
  • Heather Griffith and Patrick Myers
  • Colin May and Sam Plotkin

Wild Mercy Reading Series 2013

  • Mel Wardlow and Jeff Gailus
  • Jim Giese and Melissa Mylchreest
  • Caroline Stephens and Nick Littman
  • Erin Axelrod and Richard Manning
  • Heather Griffith and Hudson Spivey
  • Katie LeBlanc and Terray Sylvester

Wild Mercy Reading Series 2012

  • Russ Van Paepeghem and Sara Call
  • Beth Baker and Lauren Koshere
  • Micah Sewell and Talasi Brooks
  • Emerald LaFortune and David Oates
  • Grace Brogan and Danielle Lattuga
  • Kate Sheridan and Robin Keisic