Environmental Studies Faculty

Rachel Ackerman

Rachel Ackerman

EVST Masters Student

Office: M4
Email: Rachel.Ackerman@umontana.edu
Office Hours:

Mondays & Wednedays: 10:00am-11:30am
+ by appointment

Personal Summary

Born and raised in a Cleveland suburb, I spent much time exploring the lush and fruitful Cuyahoga Valley watershed during my youth. For my undergraduate studies, I was compelled to journey south to uncover my rural roots. At Ohio University, I was introduced to a strong locovore movement and inspired by the thriving activist network extending through the Appalachian foothills.

Upon graduation, I was inducted as a corp member with Teach for America. TFA brought me to the urban outskirts of Denver, where life as a classroom teacher was both demanding and rewarding. I value all that I learned during those initial years as an educator, however the mountains beckoned. In Keystone, Colorado, I enjoyed combining my passions of youth empowerment and outdoor adventure in my role as an environmental educator.

Now, I am called north to discover the wealth of experience and tradition in this progressive region of Montana. While attending school and living on an urban farm, I look forward to getting my hands dirty and strenghtening my mind in concepts of environmental justice. My ultimate goal is to utilize acquired knowledge and skill sets at UMT, in combination with my previous experience as an educator, to empower marginalized communities and at-risk youth.


B.S., Science Education, Ohio University, 2012

Certificate, Environmental Studies, Ohio University, 2012

Field of Study

M.S., Environmental Studies, University of Montana


Len & Sandy Sargent Environmental Activism & Advocacy Fellowship, University of Montana

Hollings Scholar, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Gibby Cutler Scholar, Ohio University

Specialized Skills

Wilderness First Responder

Professional Experience

School Programs Instructor & Trails Staff, Keystone Science Scool, Colorado (2015-2017)

Snow Sports Instructor, Arapaho Basin, Colorado (2017)

Integrated Science Teacher, Denver School of Science and Technology, Colorado (2013-2015)

Earthe Science Teacher, Collegiate Preparatory Academy, Colorado (2012-2013)


International Experience

Trip Leader, Rustic Pathways, Morocco (summer, 2016)

Farm Stay, HelpX Family Sheep Farm, New Zealand (summer, 2014)

STEM Education Seminar, Teach for America, New Zealand (summer, 2014)

Study Abroad, Geological Sciences, St. Andrews University, Scotland (fall, 2011)

Volunteer, Environmental Protection & Development Organization, Cambodia (fall, 2009)

Volunteer, Buddhist Temple School, Thailand (fall, 2009)

Volunteer, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Queensland, Australia (summer, 2009)




adventure sports, yoga, haikus