List of Potential Placements

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Dickinson School, 310 North Curtis, Missoula, MT. Contact: Grace Hutchings, 728-2400, Ext. 2262. Work with adults with developmental disabilities in individually designed programs in applied academic, vocational, recreational and community integration.

610 Woody, Missoula, MT. Contact: 523-4115. Work with services for individuals who are at risk of, or are, being abused, neglected or exploited (e.g., aged, individuals with disabilities, developmentally delayed). *NOTE  Check on what services are provided by Adult Protective Services.
Contact: 721-2380. 1520 S. Russell; Missoula, MT 59801. Role model/guidance. Requires screening and one-year commitment.

BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB. Contact: Janis Fontaine, 542-3116,

1515 Fairview Ave. Suite 243, Missoula, MT 59801. Child and adolescent guidance/club activities.

Contact: Shirley Hummer 549-5987. PO Box 1450; Missoula, MT 59806. Staff for oncology camp for children and young adults.

PARENTING PLACE (Child Family Resource Council), 1644 S. 8th West, Missoula, MT. Contact: Teresa Nygaard, 728-5437, . Work in volunteer parent aid program. Train volunteers and case manage at-risk

Contact: Nikki Grossberg, 523-4100, 2677 Palmer, Ste. 300, Missoula, MT. Services offered to children and caregivers.

CO-TEACH PRESCHOOL, McGill Hall, Room 015, UM, Missoula, MT. Contact Mary Finnegan,, Manager and Supervising Teacher, 243-6303. An inclusive early childhood program serving children ages 3-5 with diverse abilities.

Contact: 542-1208, . Advocate for the best interest in the court system of children who are abused and neglected. Good time management skills are essential. (Must commit to one year B make contact in the Fall.)

Follow application procedures outlined at: Provides therapeutic recreation for children and adults with physical and/or mental disabilities and for young people ages 10-18 who have

Contact: Sue Holmstrom,, Western Montana Child Development Center (CDC), T-214 Fort Missoula, Missoula, MT, 549-6413. Assist with infant/toddler developmental activities during parent/child interaction groups or in the therapeutic nursery.

127 N. Higgins, Second Floor, Missoula, MT. Contact, 543-3550, Ext. 20. Work with school or community-based family resource centers and the family advocates who staff them.

Contact: Colleen Kaine 243-5128,, UM Office for Civic Engagement. This program provides students in 9 MCPS with after school programming including mentoring, art club, and kick-boxing among many other things. You can choose to work with an existing program or start your own based on your talents or interests that you would like to share with youth.

610 Woody, Missoula, MT. Contact Fred Jenneskens, in Kalispell, (406) 751-5950. Provide training and consultation to foster care families.

127 North Higgins, Second Floor, Missoula, MT. Contact, 543-3550, Ext. 20. Work with support groups for teenage parents, home visits, and possible assistance in grant writing.

1001 Worden, Missoula, MT. Contact??? Chris Skelton, Family Services Department, 728-5460. Work with parents, assist in classrooms.

127 N. Higgins Ave., Missoula, MT. Contact Michael Hudson, Executive Director, 721-0525. A wilderness therapy program. Work mentoring youth, fundraising, assisting in individual and group therapy, helping with program development, and logistics.

135 Phyllis J. Washington College of Education and Human Sciences, UM. Contact: Kristin Dahl Horejsi, 243-4262. Focus on your interest area in early childhood including child growth and development, developing parent-school partnerships, early childhood curriculum and assessment, positive child guidance, or policies and practices that support inclusion. Additionally, the LAB serves as a pre-service teaching experience for early childhood and primary grades.

311 Woody, Missoula, MT. Contact, Program Coordinator, 523-4735. Work as a counseling trainee by working through MYC Intensive Counseling Program with youthful offenders. Students should make contact in the Spring to inquire about service learning placement for the following academic year there are a limited number of placements. Students must be willing to commit to two semesters.

227 West Front, Missoula, MT. Contact, 728-7682. Work with programs that serve the elderly, for example, Meals on Wheels, transportation, volunteerism; part of a care management structure, answer calls, access referral and resource lists, provide referrals for clients, and perform data reporting.

Contact: Carol Regel 523-4750 ext. 3388. 301 West Alder. Working with mothers and families of children up to age 5.

(Kindergarden Special Services Classroom), 215 S. 6th West, Missoula, MT. Contact Barb Nelson, 728-2400, ext. 8053. Work with a special education student in a school environment or work with the teacher in the kindergarten classroom.

1005 Marshall, Missoula, MT. Contact Barbara Kennedy, 728-5484. Work in either residential (group homes) or day services (pre-vocational production or physical therapy) with adults with developmental disabilities.

Contact: 523-4735. 311 Woody; Missoula, MT 59802. Counseling trainee, work through MYC Intensive Counseling Program with youthful offenders.

Contact: Craig Krueger 549-3836. 550 N. California; Missoula, MT 59802. Working with troubled youth (ages 10-18) living in a short term home. (Accept limited volunteers, with a lengthy commitment; background check required)

Student Health Service, The University of Montana, Missoula, MT. Contact Martin Blair,, 243-4779. Work in a variety of research or direct service programs with persons with disabilities.

Missoula County Health Department, 301 West Alder, Missoula, MT. Students needed to assist in community assessment of public health behaviors, resources and intervention impact in obesity prevention (nutrition and physical activity; breastfeeding promotion, barrier reduction and resource development; outreach efforts for underutilized public health nutrition program services including WIC, Farmers Market Nutrition; Diabetes Prevention Services; participate in community based coalitions with specific focus such as the Dental Disease Prevention Task Force, Eat Smart Nutrition Coalition, Missoula Breastfeeding Coalition, Missoula Breast Milk Bank; School Wellness Councils, assist with the annual Coordinated Approach to Child Health Children's Health (CATCH) Health Fair and BMI Screening in Public Schools. Contact Mary Pittaway at or 258-4837 or Rebecca Morley at or 258-3827.

The UM OCE volunteer jobs website is part of the career services website for students, available at: There are a variety of volunteer jobs and/or internship postings that could be turned in to service learning internships. Additionally, each semester, usually during the 3rd week of classes, OCE hosts a Volunteer Fair in the UC, involving about 25 different nonprofit organizations that participate in the fair to recruit student volunteers and service learners.

2821 Russell, Missoula, MT. Contact Pete Hathaway, 721-2930. Full spectrum of services for adults with disabilities. (Would prefer to have student minimum of 4 hours a week.) Level, Curry Health Center, 634 Eddy Avenue, UM, Missoula, MT. Call 243-2405.

1900 Brooks, Suite #120, Missoula, MT. Contact Mike Mayer,, 728-1630. Work with persons with disabilities, including direct consumer services (skill training, individual advocacy, peer support, information and referral) or perform community advocacy and system change activities.

Contact: 721-7690. 407 East Main, Missoula, MT 59802. Volunteers give telephone advice to parents and professionals working with preschoolers. Weekly team meetings. (One year commitment, training begins January/February, training is held Monday p.m.)

Contact: Michael Phyfield, 532-9770 532-9800. 1305 Wyoming Street; Missoula, MT 59801. Assist the transition of teens completing substance abuse programs by providing a safe positive mentor to model choices and behaviors.

2651 South Avenue West, Missoula, MT. Contact wood or 728-9162. Provide social services to patients and families, primarily the elderly.

Contact: Deboruah Madonna , 549-0058. 4978 Buckhouse Lane, Missoula MT 59804. Emergency shelter for children aged infant-14 years that have been removed from their families due to neglect, abuse, or abandonment.

(CDC),T-214 Fort Missoula, Missoula, MT. Contact Val Percy, 549-6413. Provide respite care to children with disabilities and their families.

Missoula County Health Department. Contact: Mary Pittaway 523-4740. 301 West Alder; Missoula, Mt 59801. Work as a Nutrition Aide. Assist in programs to maintain and improve the nutrition of local women, infants, and children.

1130 West Broadway, Missoula, MT. Contact Jill Baker, Co-Coordinator, 543-6691 (YWCA). Crisis intervention for women experiencing domestic and sexual violence.