How to Declare a History Major or Minor

Step1: Take a history class or meet with a history professor

Our surveys in American History (HSTA 101/102) and Western Civilization (HSTR 101/102), which all fulfill Gen Ed requirements, are great places to start. Or, you can take any other of our lower division classes to explore your interests.

Entering HSTA and HSTR into UM Course Search will show which classes are being taught each semester. For the full catalog, see courses in American history and courses in European and World history.

Alternately, you could set up a meeting with any History professor. Here are our faculty profiles and contact information. We love to talk with students about their interests in history and about how our course offerings and areas of faculty specialization can serve their needs.

Step 2: Talk with the history advisor, check out our website, and fill out a form

Diane Rapp loves to talk with students about how to get your History major or minor off to a great start. And, she will be there for you throughout your years as History student, helping you navigate the various university, college, and major requirements.

Before, during, and after your meeting with Diane, familiarize yourself with the History Department website, especially the History Department Undergraduate Requirements. Also, check out our UM Department of History Facebook page!

Once you know you want to add a History major or minor, Diane has a (very simple) form you need to fill out. They are also available in the registrar’s office.

Visit Diane in LA 133C; email her at; give her a call at 243-6976.

Step 3: Choose a faculty advisor in the History Department

Every professor in the History Department is available to serve as your faculty advisor. If you have already taken a class or met with a professor whose interests and pedagogic style work for you, that’s great. If not, check out our faculty profiles and contact information. Diane Rapp can also suggest an advisor for you. Together with your faculty advisor and Diane Rapp, plan your course of study and register for classes.

For any questions or assistance, contact the History Department's Director of Undergraduate Studies, Claire Arcenas.

Congratulations! A history degree opens the door to career opportunities in government, law, journalism, education, and a host of other occupations in which clear, critical thinking, strong writing, and a capable grasp of the big picture will help you succeed. We are delighted to have you join us.