UM History Society

The University of Montana History Society (UMHS) seeks to provide a welcoming, diverse, and cooperative community for students who share an interest in history! We assist students in becoming engaged in the history department through fun events that encourage meaningful relationships between students and with the faculty. Our leadership team is committed to fostering both an academic and social space for students of history. Our society is a registered student group at UM and has received financial support from ASUM. We are advised by Professors Kyle G. Volk and Tobin Shearer.

If you are interested in joining, please contact our president, Maddie Hagan.

Leadership Team

Maddie Hagan
Maddie Hagan is a junior studying History, Philosophy, African American Studies, and Pre-Law. She is interested in legal history, the history of the American state, and the history of American capitalism. Maddie is from Portland, Oregon. She enjoys running, hiking, swimming, baking, and reading in her spare time.


Clara McRae
Clara McRae is a sophomore studying History, Political Science, and Climate Change Studies. She is interested in the history of industrial production and organized labor, particularly in Montana and the American West. She enjoys hiking, skiing, cooking and reading in her free time. She is originally from Helena, MT.
Jason Stahl
Jason Stahl is a senior studying History and Journalism. He is interested in religion and spirituality as it pertains to pilgrimage, Anabaptist history, and ethnography found in early modern texts. Jason enjoys reading, listening to podcasts/audiobooks, personal development, and bringing people together around food. Jason was born and raised near Gildford, Montana.

Dylan Yonce
Dylan Yonce is a sophomore studying History, Geography, and Migration Studies. She is grateful to be studying history at UM as it applies to many crises and challenges facing the US and the world today, especially related to her interests of climate and refugee justice. Born and raised in Missoula, you can find Dylan skiing, backpacking, or at the farmers market outside of class.

Stephen Hayes
Stephen Hayes is a junior majoring in history and philosophy. Focusing on American history, he is interested in the African-American experience, especially the radical manifestations of Black opposition in the 20th century. In his free time, Stephen loves to cook, hike, and play music.

Dylan Haring
Dylan Haring is a junior studying History Education, and Spanish. He is interested in Ancient History, Legal History, and almost anything to do with history. A native of Kalispell Montana and enjoys cooking, reading, biking, and gaming in his spare time.