Political Science at the University of Montana

Political Science is the systematic study of how individuals and institutions exercise and resist power, and how nations and communities are governed. 

UM Political Science faculty engage and enlighten  undergraduate and graduate students, colleagues, and fellow citizens about the theory and practice of politics.  We offer courses in local, national, international, and global politics, as well as political theory, public administration, and public policy.

The Department emphasizes high achievement in teaching, scholarship, and professional service by each of our diverse and talented faculty members.  We share insights gained through study and residence in many countries of the world, as well as Montana and Washington, D.C.

The PSCI community includes about 200 undergraduate majors and graduate students.  In addition, students in other disciplines -- from natural sciences and forestry to public health, social work, business, law, journalism, and the humanities – study political science to increase their understanding of policy options, debates, and processes in their areas of expertise. 

We embrace the University’s vision of “Creating Change Together.”  Our exciting and rigorous courses and programs offer many opportunities for local, national, and international engagement and leadership.
UM Political Science offers events and activities for every interest, from internships and study abroad to clubs such as Pi Sigma Alpha, the ASUM Student Senate, and Montana Model UN

Please explore our website to discover more about our faculty, students, and programs.