Faculty and Staff

Christopher Muste

Christopher Muste

American Politics, Public Opinion, Political Psychology, News Media & Co-coordinator of the M.A. Program

Office: 350 LA Building
Email: christopher.muste@umontana.edu

Curriculum Vitae


  • PSCI 210 Introduction to American Government
  • PSCI 220 Introduction to Comparative Government
  • PSCI 342 Media & Public Opinion
  • PSCI 348 Multicultural Politics
  • PSCI 444 American Political Participation
  • PSCI 445 Political Psychology
  • PSCI 480 Research Goals & Strategies
  • PSCI 540 Seminar in American Government


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2001

Selected Publications

"The Implications of Survey Modes and Methods in Measuring Social-Group Closeness."  Forthcoming September 2014.  Public Opinion Quarterly.

"Reframing Polarization: Social Groups and 'Culture Wars.'”  2014.  PS: Political Science & Politics 47: 432-442, April 2014.   DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S1049096514000353

"The Dynamics of Immigration Opinion in the United States, 1992–2012."  2013.  Public Opinion Quarterly 77: 398-416.  doi:10.1093/poq/nft001

"Multiculturalism in American Public Opinion." 2001. Jack Citrin, David O. Sears, Christopher Muste, and Cara Wong. British Journal of Political Science 31:2.

"Public Opinion Toward Immigration Reform: The Role of Economic Motivations." 1997. Jack Citrin, Donald Philip Green, Christopher Muste, & Cara Wong. Journal of Politics 59:3.

"Is American Nationalism Changing? Implications for Foreign Policy." 1994. Jack Citrin, Ernst Haas, Christopher Muste, and Beth Reingold, International Studies Quarterly 38:1

Professional Experience

The Washington Post, Senior Polling Analyst July-December 2004.

International Experience

Faculty, LSU-in-Paris Summer Semester, May-July 2003.