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Classics Student Clubs and Organizations

For questions about membership and benfits, please contact Prof. Weinlich. or your Classics professor.


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UM Classics Club

discipuli antiquorum
in luda barbarica versantes

The UM Classics Club is for all students taking classes involving or generally interested in Greek, Archaeology, Latin, The Roman Republic or Empire, Philosophy, Hellenic culture, Ancient Theatre, Mythology, Rhetoric, or any other baggage accompanying Ancient Western World.


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Eta Sigma Phi

Housed in the UM Classics Program, the newly established Kappa Delta chapter of the University of Montana is the only chapter of Eta Sigma Phi in the state of Montana. Active membership is limited to undergraduate students who are enrolled in classes in Latin and/or Greek in the original languages. A student must meet the basic qualification of an attained grade of not less than “B” in courses in Latin and Greek, with completion of at least one semester or two quarters.


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Archaeological Institute of America

Housed in the UM Classics Program, the local chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America (currently in formation), offers one public lecture per month September through May. All lectures are free and open to the public. Students are encouraged to join the AIA-Missoula Society at $40 per year.


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National Junior Classical League

The UM Classics Program co-sponsors the National Junior Classical League-Montana chapter, which is housed  in the Latin Program of Hellgate High School in Missoula. College students who wish to continue their affiliation with Classics and the Junior Classical League are encouraged to join the Senior Classical League (SCL). The SCL awards annual college scholarships for its members, including the Susan S. Schearer National Senior Classical League Scholarship, to be applied toward college tuition and the Dennis M. Bartlow Book Award to be applied toward college books or the “cost of living”, as the student sees fit.