Online Bachelor's Program


The UM Anthropology Department will be offering an entirely online Bachelor’s Degree! We look forward to offering this as soon as fall of 2019. More information will be available soon, but if you’d like to contact Dr. Meradeth Snow  and she can give you an update! But why wait to start taking online courses? We have some awesome courses available now:

Start Your Online Anthropology Degree Now!

Online classes for spring:

ANTY 220S Culture and Society (McKay)

Online classes for summer:

ANTY 210N Introduction to Physical Anthropology (Snow)
ANTY 314 Principles of Forensic Anthropology (Mink)
ANTY 330x Peoples and Cultures of the World (McKay)

Online classes for autumn 2019:

ANTY 250S Introduction to Archaeology (Douglas)
ANTY 351H North American Archaeology (Brown)
ANTY 220S Culture and Society (McKay)


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