Faculty and Staff

Department Chair

Douglas MacDonald

Douglas MacDonald Chair & Graduate Program Coordinator

Office: Social Sciences 203, Corbin (Lab) 148
Email: douglas.macdonald@umontana.edu

Lithic Analyst; Cultural Resource Management; Archaeology; Prehistoric Archaeology; Cultural Resource Management


Irene Appelbaum

Irene Appelbaum Professor

Office: Social Sciences 211
Email: irene.appelbaum@umontana.edu

Leora Bar-el

Leora Bar-el Associate Professor

Office: Social Sciences 210
Email: leora.bar-el@umontana.edu

Gregory Campbell

Gregory Campbell Professor

Office: Social Sciences 227
Email: gregory.campbell@mso.umt.edu

Sociocultural Anthropology; Native American Health Issues; Cultural Heritage, Ethnicity

Kelly Dixon

Kelly Dixon Professor

Office: Social Sciences 235 and Social Sciences SS 244 (laboratory)
Email: kelly.dixon@mso.umt.edu

John Douglas

John Douglas Associate Dean, H&S; Professor

Office: Social Sciences 233; Eck Hall 136E
Email: john.douglas@umontana.edu

Thomas A. Foor

Thomas A. Foor Professor Emeritus

Office: Social Sciences 201
Email: thomas.foor@umontana.edu

Archaeology; Statistical Methods; Northern Plains and Iron-age European Archaeology

Kirsten Green Mink

Kirsten Green Mink Adjunct Assistant Professor

Office: SS 217
Email: kirsten.green@umontana.edu

S. Neyooxet Greymorning

S. Neyooxet Greymorning Professor

Office: Native American Center 203F, Social Sciences 221
Email: neyooxet.greymorning@mso.umt.edu

Sociocultural Anthropology; Political Anthropology; Language Revitalization and Maintenance; Native Health and Healing Practices

D. Garry Kerr

D. Garry Kerr Lecturer

Office: Social Science 215
Email: garry.kerr@umontana.edu

Physical Anthropology; Forensic Anthropology; Facial Reconstruction

Ardeshir Kia

Ardeshir Kia Associate Director, Central and Southwest Asia Program

Office: Stone Hall 303B
Email: ardi.kia@mso.umt.edu

Art History; Central Asia

Kimber Haddix McKay

Kimber Haddix McKay Professor

Office: Skaggs 154a
Email: kimber.mckay@mso.umt.edu

Demographic anthropology, applied medical anthropology, international development, global public health, maternal, infant, child health.

Mizuki Miyashita

Mizuki Miyashita Professor, Linguistics Program Director

Office: Social Sciences 212
Email: mizuki.miyashita@umontana.edu

Anna Prentiss

Anna Prentiss Regents Professor of Anthropology

Office: Social Sciences 205
Fax: 406-243-4918
Email: anna.prentiss@umontana.edu

Archaeology; Lithic technology; Evolutionary analysis

Gilbert Quintero

Gilbert Quintero Professor

Office: Social Sciences 225
Email: gilbert.quintero@umontana.edu

Sociocultural Anthropology; Medical Anthropology; Applied Anthropology

Randall Skelton

Randall Skelton Professor

Office: Social Sciences 226
Email: randall.skelton@umontana.edu

Physical Anthropology; Phylogenetic Analysis; Forensic Anthropology

Meradeth Snow

Meradeth Snow Assistant Professor

Office: Social Sciences 219
Email: meradeth.snow@umontana.edu

Tully Thibeau

Tully Thibeau Associate Professor

Office: Social Sciences 207
Fax: 406-243-4076 (H&S)
Email: tully.thibeau@umontana.edu
  • Program Planning, English for Academic Purposes; Language Proficiency Description and Language Behavior;  Developing Assessment Instruments
  • Methods of Linguistic Analysis as well as their Application to the Language Behavior of Learners

G.G. Weix

G.G. Weix Professor


C. Riley Auge

C. Riley Auge Collections Curator

Office: SS 36
Fax: 406-243-4918
Email: CynthiaRiley.Auge@mso.umt.edu

Cheri Ferguson

Cheri Ferguson Administrative Associate III

Office: Social Sciences 259B
Email: cheri.ferguson@umontana.edu

Tiana Jensen

Tiana Jensen Academic Advisor

Office: Liberal Arts 133
Email: tiana.jensen@mso.umt.edu

Melissa Reimann

Melissa Reimann Budget Analyst II

Office: Social Sciences 259B
Email: melissa1.reimann@umontana.edu