Faculty and Staff

Department Chair

Douglas MacDonald

Douglas MacDonald Chair & Graduate Program Coordinator

Office: Social Sciences 203, Corbin (Lab) 148
Email: douglas.macdonald@umontana.edu

Lithic Analyst; Cultural Resource Management; Archaeology; Prehistoric Archaeology; Cultural Resource Management


Irene Appelbaum

Irene Appelbaum Professor

Office: Social Sciences 211
Email: irene.appelbaum@umontana.edu

Leora Bar-el

Leora Bar-el Associate Professor

Office: Social Sciences 210
Email: leora.bar-el@umontana.edu

Gregory Campbell

Gregory Campbell Professor

Office: Social Sciences 227
Email: gregory.campbell@mso.umt.edu

Sociocultural Anthropology; Native American Health Issues; Cultural Heritage, Ethnicity

Kelly Dixon

Kelly Dixon Professor

Office: Social Sciences 235 and Social Sciences SS 244 (laboratory)
Email: kelly.dixon@mso.umt.edu

John Douglas

John Douglas Associate Dean, H&S; Professor

Office: Liberal Artsl 136E;Social Science 233;
Email: john.douglas@umontana.edu

Thomas A. Foor

Thomas A. Foor Professor Emeritus

Office: Social Sciences 201
Email: thomas.foor@umontana.edu

Archaeology; Statistical Methods; Northern Plains and Iron-age European Archaeology

Kirsten Green Mink

Kirsten Green Mink Adjunct Assistant Professor

Office: SS 217
Email: kirsten.green@umontana.edu

S. Neyooxet Greymorning

S. Neyooxet Greymorning Professor

Office: Native American Center 203F, Social Sciences 221
Email: neyooxet.greymorning@mso.umt.edu

Sociocultural Anthropology; Political Anthropology; Language Revitalization and Maintenance; Native Health and Healing Practices

D. Garry Kerr

D. Garry Kerr Lecturer

Office: Social Science 215
Email: garry.kerr@umontana.edu

Physical Anthropology; Forensic Anthropology; Facial Reconstruction

Ardeshir Kia

Ardeshir Kia Associate Director, Central and Southwest Asia Program

Office: Stone Hall 303B
Email: ardi.kia@mso.umt.edu

Art History; Central Asia

Kimber Haddix McKay

Kimber Haddix McKay Center Evaluator

Office: Skaggs 154a
Email: kimber.mckay@mso.umt.edu

Evaluation, program planning, demography, demographic anthropology, monitoring and evaluation, applied medical anthropology, international development, global public health, maternal, newborn, child health.

Mizuki Miyashita

Mizuki Miyashita Professor, Linguistics Program Director

Office: Social Sciences 212
Email: mizuki.miyashita@umontana.edu

Anna Prentiss

Anna Prentiss Regents Professor of Anthropology

Office: Social Sciences 205
Email: anna.prentiss@umontana.edu

Archaeology; Lithic technology; Evolutionary analysis

Randall Skelton

Randall Skelton Professor

Office: Social Sciences 226
Email: randall.skelton@umontana.edu

Physical Anthropology; Phylogenetic Analysis; Forensic Anthropology

Meradeth Snow

Meradeth Snow Assistant Professor

Office: Social Sciences 213
Email: meradeth.snow@umontana.edu

Tully Thibeau

Tully Thibeau Associate Professor

Office: Social Sciences 207
Email: tully.thibeau@umontana.edu
  • Program Planning, English for Academic Purposes; Language Proficiency Description and Language Behavior;  Developing Assessment Instruments
  • Methods of Linguistic Analysis as well as their Application to the Language Behavior of Learners

G.G. Weix

G.G. Weix Professor

Email: GG.Weix@umt.edu


C. Riley Auge

C. Riley Auge Collections Curator

Office: SS 36
Email: CynthiaRiley.Auge@mso.umt.edu

Cheri Ferguson

Cheri Ferguson Administrative Associate III

Office: Social Sciences 259B
Email: cheri.ferguson@umontana.edu

Tiana Jensen

Tiana Jensen Academic Advisor

Office: Liberal Arts 133
Email: tiana.jensen@mso.umt.edu

Melissa Reimann

Melissa Reimann Budget Analyst II

Office: Social Sciences 259B
Email: melissa1.reimann@umontana.edu