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Anthropology - General Major
Archaeology Option
Cultural & Ethnic Diversity Option
Forensic Anthropology Option
Linguistic Anthropology Option
Medical Anthropology Option
Linguistics Minor
English as a Second Language Certificate
Historical Preservation Certificate
Forensic Studies Certificate

Anthropology Advising: An Advanced Procedure

The Anthropology department is committed to making lives easier during advising time.  Now, students ought to exercise more advanced control over the advising choices they make while they may also receive the proficient advice that they need for more complex decisions.

Here’s how to manage this advising cycle.

  1. Visit the Undergraduate Advising Center's (UAC) website.  Here, you will find many resources to assist you with academic advising, particularly ACADEMIC PLANNER (please select Plan My Schedule in the left column) as well as the Academic Calendar, blogs, “Ask an Advisor” (leading you to UM's Iffice of Student Support), directions for common tasks and videos about finding your way through the advising process.
  2. Use AcademicPlanner (AP).  AP is UM’s cloud app for helping you with advising.  Find it by selecting Plan My Schedule (the left column of UAC's website) or by selecting the letter A from A to Z index on UM's login page.  Enter your NetID and password, and AP shows you classes you have taken, helps you make class-schedules for next semester, and identifies how these classes may be used to fill UM's general-education requirements.
  3. Visit the Anthropology department’s website.   Here, you may make use of various resources available for current or prospective students of Anthropology, like specific advising sheets that are relevant to diverse programs-of-study (minors or options).
  4. Once you have completed steps 1 to 3 and feel you have no questions about courses, E-mail your advisor for your advising number:
    • Log in to AP to find Academic Summary in left column, listing your profile and advisor
    • then, select the link Directory (at top right of the web page)
    • enter your advisor's name
    • next, find your advisor's e-mail address
    • → Alternatively, select Advising Directory in UAC's left column for advising coordinators (Anthropology majors' advisors are posted outside the Anthropology department office).

  5. If you have questions about your courses, including general education, requirements for Anthropology programs-of-study as a (second) major, minor, option, certification, etc., then please schedule an appointment with your advisor.

We intend for you to find this semester’s advising experience a genuinely satisfactory one.

Financial Aid

Documents and Forms for Undergraduate Students in Anthropology

  • Anthropology Major Advising Sheet (pdf coming soon)
  • Anthropology Minor Advising Sheet (pdf coming soon)
  • Archaeology Option Advising Sheet (pdf coming soon)
  • Cultural Diversity Option Advising Sheet (pdf coming soon)
  • Linguistic Option Advising Sheet (pdf coming soon)
  • Forensic Anthropology Option Advising Sheet (pdf coming soon)
  • Medical Anthropology Option Advising Sheet (pdf coming soon)
  • Certificate in Forensic Studies Advising Sheet (pdf coming soon)
  • Certificate in Historical Preservation Advising Sheet (pdf coming soon)