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Eric publishes a review paper on Anion foldamers. DOI:



Orion returns from his sabbatical at the University of Uppsala in Sweden.

The Berryman lab received a National Science Foundation DRP award from the Chemistry division to research “Fundamental Studies of the Hydrogen Bond Enhanced Halogen Bond (HBeXB) for Molecular Folding and Anion Transport.” This award provides 3 years of funding and will support graduate and undergraduate research at the University of Montana. Additionally, this award will inspire STEM education in underrepresented groups through tactile learning of crystallography.



The Berryman lab received a University Grant Program (UGP) award for 2020-2021 to support women in undergraduate research. The title of our application was: UGP 2020: Women Mentoring Women in Science to Produce Synthetic Anion Channels. Link to UMT News Article


Congratulations to Dan Decato for a successful PhD defense!

Dan, Eric, and Orion complete a book chapter in an upcoming Halogen Bonding in Solution Textbook.