Undergraduate Advising


Freshmen and Sophomores will receive advising from Tiana Jensen in the H&S Advising Center.

Juniors and seniors will be assigned faculty advisors.

Course Lists, Schedules, and Related Info

Helpful tips for students in COMM:  COMM Department Basics of Course Selection and Registration

Office of the Registrar for information about registration.

Common Course Numbering

Beginning with courses offered Fall semester, 2013, COMM is now COMX!  See the conversion chart to learn the new course numbers.

See Common Course Numbering for more information.

Graduation Applications

Applications for spring graduation are due in the LA 301 by the last Friday in September.  Applications for fall graduation are due in the LA 301 by the last Friday in March. 

Tips for graduation application

Many graduation applications are turned back by the department chair because they are incomplete. It is imperative that you specify which catalogue you are using for your major requirements. Moreover, once you pick a catalogue, make sure that the classes you have selected are the same as the courses offered in that particular catalogue.

Letters of Recommendation

Our faculty are happy to write letters of recommendation with advance notice. We typically need two weeks to write a letter. Please read the attached "So, You Want a Letter of Recommendation?" and follow the steps outlined.