Welcome to Liberal Studies at the University of Montana

The Liberal Studies Bachelor of Arts Program offers students the opportunity to work in a combination of disciplines in the humanities, including literature, philosophy, and history, as well as in neighboring fields.

The Liberal Studies Program offers degree options in:

Students also have the opportunity to earn a minor in:

The Liberal Studies curriculum is designed for the student who seeks a liberal education with emphasis in the humanities. It is not intended for the student undecided about a major. The foundation of the Liberal Studies major is a two-term sequence (LS 151L and 152L - Introduction to the Humanities) covering major works of the West, from Homer to St. Augustine, and from Dante to Dostoevsky.

The interdisciplinary coursework, while allowing ample room for electives, has as its primary focus the study of the cultural records, literary works and ideas that contribute to our common inheritance.

The Liberal Studies Program maintains a commitment to the traditional liberal (that is, liberating) education that promotes and cultivates freedom from ignorance and prejudice.