Women's and Gender Studies

Requirements for Women's and Gender Studies Option

Note: Students who choose the Women's and Gender Studies option must register with the Women's Studies faculty advisor, who will supervise their program.

  • Completion of Liberal Studies core requirements
  • Completion of WGS/PHIL/LS 119, Philosophical Perspectives on Women in the Western Hemisphere
  • Minimum of 21
  • credits of course work in relevant, advisor-approved upper-level courses (courses numbered 300 and above).
  • At least 12 of the 21 credits must come from Group I Focus Courses
  • Up to 9 of the 21 credits may come from Group II Content Courses

The list of Group I and Group II courses are available at the Women's and Gender Studies website or at the Women's and Gender Studies office in the Liberal Arts building, room 138, (406) 243-2584.

Reminder: Although the Women's and Gender Studies option requires 21 upper division credits to fulfill the Liberal Studies B.A. requirements, the University requires 39 upper division credits to graduate. Please plan accordingly.

Visit the Univeristy of Montana Course Catalog for more information.