Research Projects

Edward Rosenberg:  Photo-Redox Properties of Surface Immobilized Luminescent Ruthenium Complexes.

Andrea Stierle: Small Molecule Drug Discovery from Extremophilic Microbes.

Tony Ward: Environmental Health Impacts to Wood Smoke Exposure.

Kent Sugden: Development of Novel Inhibitors of Human DNA Methyltransferases for Cancer Chemotherapy.

Mike DeGrandpre: Improved determination of freshwater pH using colorimetric indicators. 

Chris Palmer: Synthesis and Chromatographic Speciation of Nano-scale Polymers.

Orion Berryman:  Synthesis and analysis of noncovalent interactions to design functional molecules and materials.

Aaron Thomas: Oscillating Flows as a Novel Mechanical Separation Method for Macroscale and Microscale Applications.

Rivertop Renewables Biotech: Aluminum Glucarate as a Sequestering Agent for Metal Ions: An NMR Study of Structure and Stability.

student conducting research in the lab